Tech4Muni MK is a prestigious innovation sprint, where talented Macedonian companies and entrepreneurs develop the solutions to the city challenges. Join Tech4Muni to solve the challenges, receive funding for the implementation and pilot, and create a great solution that other cities will need as well!


STEP 1Apply to take part in the Innovation Sprint

STEP 2:  After getting accepted to participate, let us know what experts you would like to speak to. We will do our best to provide you with the needed mentorship. Also, you will have a chance to speak to the municipality leaders to understand the challenge better.

STEP 3: Start solving the challenge and prepare for the Innovation Sprint.

Why Join?

  • Join the $400 billion market revolution – learn about the real challenges of cities and create solutions!
  • Discover Smart City industry that needs YOUR solutions!
  • Over $40K in funding for the winning solutions that will be implemented and piloted in the municipalities.
  • Opportunity to create a solution that will be relevant for many cities locally, regionally, maybe even globally!
  • Join a community of movers and shakers – the UNDP family will share with you further opportunities and knowledge
  • Challenge yourself and help your country grow!

The event is free of charge. To sign up, please click HERE

WHERE: City Hall Center, Skopje

WHEN: 11-12th September 2019