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Are you an entrepreneur who is not afraid of challenging yourself in solving the REAL problems and making impact? Do you want to understand the local challenges that many municipalities in country, in the region and around the world struggle with?

Join Tech4Muni to solve the challenges, receive funding for the implementation and pilot, and create a great solution that other cities will need as well!

You have an opportunity to:

  • work on real challenges that need urgent solutions
  • be mentored by local and international experts
  • receive funding for your solution
  • make real impact in the local and global innovation ecosystem.

We will make sure you have fun, learn and share know-how with other like-minded entrepreneurs, get access to high-level mentorship, get to know the Smart City world that is worth over $400 billion worldwide!

The event will take place on 11-12th September in City Hall Center, Skopje.
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#1. Stray Dogs

Residents in many cities in North Macedonia feel unsafe in the public sphere daily due to the presence of stray dogs. In some cases, the dogs, which are found especially in the city center, attack and injure residents.


#2. Developing Local Tourism

North Macedonia has a tremendous tourist potential that has so far been largely unfulfilled. Partly, it is due to the fact that the neighboring countries have a largely developed tourism industries that catch international tourists’ attention.


#3. Services offered by municipalities are not accessible

The municipal services in Veles, Gostivar, Strumica and other municipalities are still offered mainly in the municipality itself and not using technological means.


#4. Space Sharing service

How can we use the space owned by the municipality for such activities in an efficient, safe and easy-to-use way?


#5. Supporting elderly residents

Elderly residents have difficulties receiving services and medical treatment, they suffer from loneliness and infrequent interactions with others.